549 storage does not work


I raised a 549 from the grave and it is now working well, except for the memory function. The storage board is of version 'E' (actually indicated as HE, what must stand for Hoogeveen, The Netherlands type 'E'). If someone has the documentation on this version, that would be very welcome. The problem I now have is that the upper half of the CTR does not light up when the STORE function is activated. When the INTEGRATE TRACES button is pressed, than the upper part of the screen does light up and stays like that even when when STORE is depressed. Ingrate Traces has to be pushed again to get a normal screen. Switching the connections of the UPPER and LOWER on the PCB indicates that the electronics are working fine for upper and lower.
In addition to this, no signal remains on the screen in STORE mode. TP FLOOD CATH is 112 volt (seems to be low) and can not be altered since R1185 is missing. So 2 main questions:
1) why does the upper part of the CTR not light up in STORE mode;
2) why does the memory function not work.

Any help/suggestions will be appreciated

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