Re: 485 as a business dependent daily driver?


Depends on what you need to do. Completely inadequate if you need to take
data with a computer.

I used one for years doing ultrasound preamp and power amp design work. 2
channels right there on the table was really handy, and it was portable,
and it did everything I ever needed it to do in the ham radio world at the
time. The vertical gain switches need to be worked periodically (as do
probably the rest) or it can be somewhat finicky. Not an issue if it's a
daily driver, but mine has taken a back seat to a Tek 7854. For gross
signal checks it's a great scope up to about a GHz. It does get fired up
occasionally as it did this week to verify my 10MHz reference clock was
still choochin'. It was closer to me than the other.

-Bob N3XKB

On Mon, Dec 28, 2020 at 1:27 PM Ondrej Pavelka <>

Hi folks,

I scored 485 with few missing knobs and very blurry trace. It was for
about $30 so I didn't expect much from it.
I have 2445B as a main scope I rely on for my everyday work as a vintage
audio repair business. I did bump on a few occasions into 200MHz bandwidth
limit of the 2445B and 485 is really tempting with its smaller size and
higher bandwidth.
Would you say if I invest the time and money into the 485 I can bring it
to state where it can be 100% reliable dependable instrument?
Otherwise I will pass it onto a friend who will repair it to have it as
his only scope but if this has the potential to take the place of the 2445B
(as much as I will miss the cursors) ?

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