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Regarding snap caps, the leads are bent into a crook so as to allow inserting processes to push the leads into the PCB holes and grip the cap in place until soldered. Otherwise, they're like their ordinary radial-leaded cousins.

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I'm putting together a Mouser project for 465 PS caps. I pulled all 5 as
they appear to have been leaking, it was going to be necessary to get at
the suspected C1513, and once I got going it wasn't that bad, so might as
well do all of them. I also have the adapter boards ordered and waiting
for USPS to get them across country.

I was searching for radial Nichicon caps as I'm pretty happy with the
order I made for C1419 replacements. I didn't catch your earlier reference
to "snap" caps, and I see that these come in higher capacitance and
voltage values than radial. Not that radial's aren't available, it just
appears snap caps are inherently larger?

I've never heard of snap caps before. Aside from the obvious lead
difference, what is the purpose/difference between radial lead caps and
snap caps?
Nichicon publishes app notes and press releases like these:


Hope some of that is helpful.



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