Re: Yet another 'replacing carbon resistors with metal film' question....


Personally I would *only* replace CC resistors that were causing out of specification behaviour. If e.g. all resistors in a potential divider have drifted high by the same %age (as is probable) then the divider will still have the correct voltages.

Or put another way if you can calibrate it successfully, then don’t replace anything at all!


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Yeah, I'll be recalibrating for sure, as I intend to use it to calibrate other gear.

I'll test things thoroughly and might do as you say, just replace what is needed. I already tested the capacitors as perfect so they are back in place to continue being used.
I was just thinking to replace all the carbon composite resistors now as they are a known failure point and failures have already started. I just wanted to avoid having to go back in later and end up having to recalibrate etc multiple times.

It looks like Digikey stock carbon composition resistors too, so maybe I should swap like for like for those that are out of spec?

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