Re: PG506 calibrator generator voltage error

Harvey White

What it sounds like is that something (likely a capacitor) *may* be shorted.  That one capacitor that charges might be bad, so I'd wonder if the sneak path for grounding through the power line is not shorting out something, like for instance, the 120 adjust control?  Now I don't mean that the control is shorted out, but the ground that used to be ground isn't any more, and that throws off the circuit.


On 12/27/2020 2:37 PM, Gif Sim via wrote:
hi bob
thanks for the tips I'll go check it out immediately!
as i wrote to eric i have a pg506a there are no relays ...
the thing I don't understand is that if I connect a battery powered oscilloscope everything works correctly ... all controls and values are normal
i noticed that q290 q190 and r190 are very very hot but taking them apart and trying them they are okk ... also vr210 is ok the 9v are present
I noticed that when I connect an oscilloscope that can be tds784d or 2465b, then powered by the mains
the voltage +120 volts (which I measure on cr291) rises to +125 volts .....
I'm going crazy !!!
thank you all

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