Re: Spectrum analyzer Tektronix 7L13 on mainframe Tektronix 7603

Nenad Filipovic

On Sun, Dec 27, 2020 at 05:31 AM, Attilio wrote:
Can you give an indication as to which source noise should I buy ?
I've got one very much like this:
It's reasonably flat and worth the price. You might find it cheaper on Aliexpress. Do not buy the PCB only version (no metal box, unless you intend to put it in one) as it will pick up all sorts of RFI from your environment.

What can I do to reduce the possibility of damage the first 7L13 mixer using
an active probe?
Same as what Chuck already said, care and discipline during usage. 7L13 attenuator offers fair protection on its own at -20dB and higher settings. Insertion of clamping diodes will provide additional protection but it may also disrupt the complex impedance of the input, which may impair the accuracy of measurements on higher frequencies.

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