Re: 2465B calibration temp?


On Sat, Dec 26, 2020 at 09:13 PM, Jean-Paul wrote:

To précise the questions:

IF the scope was already full CALed but the V or H is still off 1-3 % (perhaps
bad first attempt at CAL?) can the V/H CAL be done with case closed or it must
be open to reach trimmers?
Hi Jean-Paul,
You mean that the 'scope has been adjusted some (long) time ago and now hor. and vert. deviation are off? If not, and the 'scope is "still off", as you write, after cal, something has gone wrong.

Is it that you'd rather not remove the case? Then you have to realize that you can't call up the Cal routines without having the cal/nocal jumper in the "cal" position. If it isn't (like it should), you'll have to open the case anyway.

The SM tells you that you need to select a Cal menu choice and adjust a few pots, as a starting situation, after which the individual settings are done in menus, without touching the pots.
By observing the starting positions, you can determine whether you have to adjust the pots. I wouldn't advise attempting to do the cal. with the initial setting off.

Look it up in the SM. It's all in there and described very clearly.


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