Looking for some TM500 modules

Paul Amaranth

I'm looking for a few TM500 modules

SC504 or 503 scope
A multimeter module (DM501,502, etc)
PS503 power supply (2, actually)

Working would be nice, but not necessary. I'd be happy
to take broken modules off your hands if they're cheap.

I picked up a TM506 the other month (for $5) and it seems
that it would make my desk a little neater if I could
populate it with some common instruments.

Drop me a note OFFLINE. If you're reading this as email,
my address will be in the sig, if through the web use
the groups.io messaging service, I think I have that
set up right.


Paul Amaranth, GCIH | Manchester MI, USA
Aurora Group of Michigan, LLC | Security, Systems & Software
paul@AuroraGrp.Com | Unix/Linux - We don't do windows

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