Re: Comments from Peter Keller on the 500 Series Scopes


First, Peter’s book is one of my favorites, and is a resource I reach for regularly.

My first experience with the 500 series was in the college lab in the late 70s. There was always a scramble to get the one 547 that was available. My first restoration, with the help of this group, was a 535 documented here in 2008.

The favorite scope at work for documenting audio issues was a 547. Screen shots from the 547 appear in multiple Warner Music Group documents and decks. As I have mentioned in other posts my 570 and 575 were used regularly to check tubes and transistors. Again, all restored to usefulness with the help of this group:
My next restorations that I’ll be sharing with this group will be a 561 and a 555.

Happy holidays to all,


On Dec 24, 2020, at 9:23 AM, Don Bitters via <> wrote:

That sir, is a serious addiction! Have you considered counseling? (Tongue in cheek!! ;) !!). I probably have 30+ pieces of ETE, but I am diversified - no more than 5 spectrum analyzers, and 3 O-scopes.Best wishes and a Merry Christmas to you and yours.Don Bitters

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