Re: DM44 on a Tek 475B - what's the externally accessible adjustment?

Paul (AE4PN)

Hey, Tom, did you ever get an answer? I have a 475A with DM44 scope like that. It has what is known as "Mod PG" which was a mod developed for a big customer named IBM! Such scopes have some changes, most visible being the small toggle switch just to the right of the Delta TIME knob on the DM44 unit. And yes, in the DM44 there is the small circuit board add-on you have found. One of the purposes of the PG mod is to switch-enable the DM44's Delta TIME control to either track the 475A (or other scope) Delay Time Position (DTP) control or to operate independently of the DTP. In a non-PG DM44, the default mode is "Tracking" but one can change to "Independent" mode by changing the plug-in location of a 3-wire cable on the DM44's main board as well as position a jumper plug to an alternate position. I have a bit more info I can share. Also, what have you discovered? Anyone out there have a circuit diagram for "Mod PG"? Has anyone been successful in troubleshooting a DM44 with Mod PG?

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