Re: Comments from Peter Keller on the 500 Series Scopes


My first experience with a 500 series scope was at KPFK-FM radio's engineering shop, as a teenage apprentice to the assistant chief engineer. I wasn't allowed to touch most of the test gear in the shop, though they did make me very familiar with the use of the Hickok tube tester and the Simpson 260 VOM right away as there was a ton of gear with tubes and relays all over the radio station. There was a 465 that belonged to the Chief Engineer but it was kept in a locker. There was a RM503 that I would play with when no one was around, and even as a very wet behind the ears tech could tell that it was a great piece of gear. The differential inputs were great because everything in a radio station is balanced, so it was actually better than the 465 for audio work. I have since then owned multiple RM503's and still think it's a fantastic X/Y scope.

Recently I acquired a beautiful "Hanger Queen" 545B that came with the matching 602-2 cart, stuffed with a 1A2, 7L5, and a 7L10. It had been always covered with the 016-0068-00 protective cover, and didn't have a spec of dust in it when opened for inspection. Incredibly, it fired right up, everything works, and is in reasonable cal! What a pleasure it is to use this 50 year old scope! I do like my 7K and TM500 scopes a lot, and use them on a weekly basis to fix broken stuff, but this 545B is like a time capsule of an America that could produce amazing industrial art that was functional.

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