Re: Comments from Peter Keller on the 500 Series Scopes

John Atwood

Scope Usage at chez Atwood:

Main work bench: 561A with 3A6 or 3A74 and 3B4 plug-ins. I do mainly audio or low HF work here. No fan!

Second bench: 502A - again, mostly audio work. I like the sensitivity and dual beams.

Floating: 485 for RF work.

Audio listening room/bedroom: HP 130C - used for its symmetrical X-Y display (and low cost of acquisition!).

Repair project: 556 in excellent condition, but with a bad tunnel diode. Maybe the best of the 547 and 555? Only 840 Watts max!

Tube testing bench: 570 - Has 45 tubes and only two semiconductors ( 2 x 1N34A)!

Semiconductor test bench: 575

I’ve got a bunch of other scopes lying around waiting for repair or sale/donation: 465s, 2215, 561As, 647, etc.

Tek is great!

- John Atwood WA1ICI/7

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