Re: Backlash/Play in the Delta Time Position Control on a 2236



I just bought one I saw on eBay that wasn't ridiculously priced (though, I suspect, it might have been the only one I saw, as I can't find any listings now). Maybe I should have been more careful, but I doubt that the eBay listing showed the full title page, so I couldn't have known what printing I was getting. TekWiki only seems to have the later printings. I should put a note in my printed copy that it doesn't match the unit.

I've seen the discussions of Tek SNs. It makes my head hurt. It did reveal, however, a half-memory about one of my dad's scopes (the 2213): what I recall is that he bought that scope essentially as soon as they were available, and the SN (B010299) confirms that memory. Not that I'm impressed by low model numbers, but any time I can have a pre-adolescent memory confirmed I'm happy.

-- Jeff Dutky

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