Re: Backlash/Play in the Delta Time Position Control on a 2236

Ed Breya

Jeff, if it works as is, I'd recommend leaving it alone - you can get used to it. I don't know which of two controls is in question here - the one at the top-center, or bottom-right. The B-delay in scopes was traditionally a ten-turn pot, with a readout dial. As I recall, it still is in 2200 models, except for a knob instead of the dial, to save cost (the dial can be more expensive than the pot). If you're talking about the upper one, then it's that skinny trimmer-like one, on the middle of the top board, driven by the long extension shaft. I don't know if it's supposed to be a multi-turn type or not, but your description seems to indicate it's a single turn. If you really want to avoid using a lash pot, you may be able to find a ten-turn mini-sized pot of the same style and fit, and have good resolution (but slower to reach the spot). If the pot in Raymond's 2236 is 10-turn (or even 3 or 5), then that may be the way to go. If you can't get something with more resolution, the lash pot is a decent compromise. If you use the function a lot, you may find it frustrating to set the value right, without higher resolution or coarse/fine control.

If the one in question is the B-delay, then it's easy to replace with a standard ten-turn helipot, and you can even add a dial, if needed.


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