Re: Backlash/Play in the Delta Time Position Control on a 2236


On Wed, Dec 23, 2020 at 10:10 PM, Jeff Dutky wrote:

Okay, I broke out the multimeter and I can see what's happening, but I'm not
sure I understand how to use this:

The forward block (10K) changes value during both the "loose" (45 degree) and
the "stiff" (remaining 300 degree) spans of motion. The stiff range can take
the pot through its entire 10K range, but the loose range only covers about 2K
change in resistance.

The rearward block (2K) only changes value during the "stiff" span (the other
300-odd degrees).

So this was someone's idea of how to give both a coarse and fine adjustment
with only a single knob? And they didn't think to mention this in the
operators manual?

I'd be interested to know the part number for the delta time position pot in
your 2236, so I could order one that doesn't have this "feature". My pot is
part #311-1638-01. Is yours a 2236A by any chance?
According to my SM (070-4204-00), the pot is A10R1617.
In S/N B010100 - B010999, it's a 311-2176-00, 2k2
In S/N B011000 - B014069, it's a 311-1625-01, 1 k
In S/N B014070 - B015819, it's a 311-1638-00, 2k front / 10 k rear
In S/N B015820 and up, it's a 311-1638-01, 2k rear, 10 k front

So there you have it!


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