Re: Comments from Peter Keller on the 500 Series Scopes

Roy Thistle

Hi All:
I always thought the 500 fan club were "triple nickle" nuts... and would trade their grandma for a 585. You know: the 555 pushing 50 Kg (more with the cart) and blowing out 1200W (virtually all heat, for the cold winter days in the garage.)... what's not to love?
I know where there are two 555s... one guy doesn't even know it needs a power supply. The other... like many of these 500s still left relatively un-violated is using it to hold down the basement floor, and for propping up one corner of the laundry tub.
Lately, there's been some "talk" about 547s, frames, and plug-ins. Watch the prices rise... and if Dave Jones gets a hold of one... watch the prices sky rocket.

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