Re: Comments from Peter Keller on the 500 Series Scopes

Jokken Feldhaar

Hi all,

I own a small herd of 5xx scopes, starting with a 567, more than 30
years ago. To me, one of the most fascinating reads on this planet is
the patent bunch on the 54x and 58x series, the name John Kobbe stands
out to me. Reading his description of the vertical chain amplifier and
the termination was like reading a thriller by Grisham, likewise. I
admire the knowledge and superb engineering that has gone into these
scopes. If I have a question about these scopes, this group is my
resource for maintaining these fine instruments!

Cheers, Jochen DH6FAZ

Am 23.12.2020 um 20:47 schrieb Dennis Tillman W7pF:

Since Sunday when I picked up 106 of Peter Keller's books we have spoken by
phone. During our conversation Peter mentioned a few things I thought I
should pass along since I thought he may have reached the wrong conclusion
from his brief time as a member of TekScopes.

Peter was disappointed that there didn't seem to be much interest in the 500
series of oscilloscopes. I thought it might be nice if Peter heard from how
many TekScopes members have 500 series scopes and what you like most about
your favorite model.

* Peter and I both agree that the pinnacle of the 500 series was the 547. I
was in love with the first one I got to use in 1967 shortly after it was
introduced. That was a fabulous scope!
* We both agree the 500 series was known worldwide for the incredibly tiny
CRT spot size.
* Peter felt the 500 series was the last scope anyone could fix since it
didn't use many specialized parts. I disagree about this because I have
spent years troubleshooting and repairing 7000 series plugins and
mainframes. Tektronix' fabulous documentation makes it just as easy to fix
these 7000 scopes as it does to fix the 500 series but that it just my

From the volume of posts we receive it may appear that there is more
interest in the some of the portables but that is because they are so often
broken, replacement parts are impossible to find, they use a lot of surface
mount and custom parts, and Tek stopped providing Circuit Descriptions,
Parts Lists, and schematics to assist in calibrating and repairing them.

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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