Re: Backlash/Play in the Delta Time Position Control on a 2236


On Wed, Dec 23, 2020 at 08:36 PM, Jeff Dutky wrote:

I've also noticed that the play in the shaft still results in some change of
the pot value, you get a small amount of adjustment over that 45 degrees of
motion before you it the higher "stiffness" rotation that results in a much
greater amount of adjustment. I've checked the operators manual and there is
no mention of the find-vs-coarse feature in the (very short) discussion of the
delta time position control. Is this how the delta time knob on the 2236 is
supposed to work?
Tek (and others) used pots with that behavior in some instruments, though usually over more than 45 degrees, I'd say about 90. I'm not sure if they did in some 2236's. Not in my 2236 at least. Looking at the pot's body, you may be able to distinguish to mechanisms in tandem.


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