Backlash/Play in the Delta Time Position Control on a 2236


I have an otherwise pristine 2236 that has a lot of play/backlash in the delta time knob. I had expected that the extension shaft was loose, but when I opened it up to have a look it turns out that the play is in the pot itself. So I ordered a replacement from QService, and it just arrived. The pot from QService is a perfect match for the one in my 2236, and appears to be NOS, never used (the pins show no sign of ever having known the touch of solder), but when I turn the shaft there is some play in it (about 45 degrees).

I've also noticed that the play in the shaft still results in some change of the pot value, you get a small amount of adjustment over that 45 degrees of motion before you it the higher "stiffness" rotation that results in a much greater amount of adjustment. I've checked the operators manual and there is no mention of the find-vs-coarse feature in the (very short) discussion of the delta time position control. Is this how the delta time knob on the 2236 is supposed to work?

-- Jeff Dutky

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