Re: Asking for Help with Verifying Genuineness of 2465B from Ebay


On 12/21/2020 11:26 AM, Mr. Eric wrote:

I did a basic bandwidth test using the leobodnar 30ps risetime pulsegen and I measured a risetime of 1.09ns on this 2465A. I have another 2467 that with the same test shows a risetime of 0.98ns. I was hoping that my 2465A would be a little closer to 1ns. According to what I have read 1.09ns indicates a BW of 0.35/1.09ns = 321.1Mhz (assuming a gaussian response). It was set to the 50ohm load setting. How accurate or adequate of a test this is, I'm not sure...
Using Leo Bodnar's pulse generator, my 2465 (no A or B) measures 0.91 nsec. So there seems to be something not right with your 2465A. It should be better than my 2465. And your 2467 should certainly be substantially better.

Did you have the horizontal sweep in X10 mode? I used X10 mode and the 0% 10% 90% and 100% graticule lines. Rise time measured using the cursor lines.


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