Re: Asking for Help with Verifying Genuineness of 2465B from Ebay


To Jeff: The TEK CRTs have a fine MuMetal CoNetic shield and are NOT affected by earht or other ext mag fiedls of normal gauss level.

To Eric: >>trace rotation was wayyyy off and the geometry setting is noticeably off too.>>

I have bought many 246x/A/B, never seen that isse.

For the GEOM and ROT "WAY OFF" the trimmers were either maladjusted and NEVER properly set OR the scope was poorly packed and the freight vibration somehow rotated the pots.

More likely scenario: Pots are old and scratchy.

Even if set, they may not have moved in decades.

EVERY old scope potentiomètre controls and trim pots may need cleaning and exercise.

I am sure our mavens like Chuck can shed more light on this.



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