Re: Asking for Help with Verifying Genuineness of 2465B from Ebay

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

There are a number of ways to tell the authenticity of the

1) Look in the section where the transient adjustments live.
You will see two pots, and several small trimmer capacitors
all grouped together. The 2465B also has a small unsupported
air core coil (L403) with a scrunched up appearance; the 2445B
does not have this coil.

2) Look to the front side of U900. The 2465B has three square
trimmer pots R801, R802, and R850, that form an "L". The 2445B
only has two, as it is missing the "TRANSIENT" response trimmer pot.

3) Look in the triangular space framed by U400 hybrid, U500 hybrid,
and the angular section of the brown plastic pusher for the power
switch. In that section, there should be a square trimmer pot
labeled "HF ADJUST" on a 2465B. The 2445B does not have that pot.

4) Look to the back of the chassis side of U600. You should see
two square trimmer pots and a white adjustable inductor in a row.
In the open space between those pots, and below the doglegged
brown plastic actuator bar for the power switch, there should
be a "G" drawn with a Sharpie marker. In the immediate vicinity
of that "G", you should see 6 via's, two narrow, two wide, two
narrow on a 2465B. On a 2445B, you will see two circles with
solder filled vias in their centers, with a rectangle between them.

There are more component changes, but the above should suffice for
identifying which scope you really have.

-Chuck Harris

Mr. Eric wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I just purchased a 2465B from ebay. I'm trying to verify that it actually is a 2465B and not a rebadged and hacked lower bandwidth tek scope. From my understanding the best way is the serial number from the A1 board which I got. 670-9268-07. I looked up in the service manual and I saw that the A1 boards listed were:
But I didn't see any mention of my A1 board: 670-9268-07 in that manual.

I also noticed that the last 2 digits "07" on my A1 board is actually a little white sticker with 07 written on it. I looked under the sticker and I didn't see anything else.

I'm a little thrown off, and I was wondering if anyone here had more insight to this. I just want to make sure that I indeed did get a genuine 2465B as I know others in this group have gotten "burned" on ebay. I did not purchase this 2465A from the ebay seller that has been mentioned in a few posts for hacking 2445s into 2465As.

Thanks in advance everyone!!!
Best Regards,

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