Asking for Help with Verifying Genuineness of 2465B from Ebay

Mr. Eric

Hi Everyone,

I just purchased a 2465B from ebay. I'm trying to verify that it actually is a 2465B and not a rebadged and hacked lower bandwidth tek scope. From my understanding the best way is the serial number from the A1 board which I got. 670-9268-07. I looked up in the service manual and I saw that the A1 boards listed were:
But I didn't see any mention of my A1 board: 670-9268-07 in that manual.

I also noticed that the last 2 digits "07" on my A1 board is actually a little white sticker with 07 written on it. I looked under the sticker and I didn't see anything else.

I'm a little thrown off, and I was wondering if anyone here had more insight to this. I just want to make sure that I indeed did get a genuine 2465B as I know others in this group have gotten "burned" on ebay. I did not purchase this 2465A from the ebay seller that has been mentioned in a few posts for hacking 2445s into 2465As.

Thanks in advance everyone!!!
Best Regards,

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