Re: So how does this hobby work now?


Bonjour à tous, a few Tektronix Memories......

In 1967, as a young engineer about to graduate, I was invited for a summer at Lawrence Radiation Laboratoires. I was touring the Livermore lab, in fusion power area, an experiment running a pinch or toroid plasma....huge components, like energy storage capacitors and RF plumbing.

In a shed, a 5 m rolling door, labeled DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE . I was Very curious.....thru thick windows were rows of DOZENS of TEKTRONIX 500 series scopes lined up.

The physicist explained that rack of scopes behind the door were elevated at 20 kV. Many safety interlocks.
The scopes were preset, the HV turned on, the experiment ran ( they called each transient a "shot") and scope cameras recorded the results. My first mémoire of Tektronix scopes.

By 1968, at my first job, designing real time Spectrum Analyzers, 454 began to replace the 500 tube scopes.


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