Re: So how does this hobby work now?


Having reached retirement age surprisingly quick... I can only agree with the above.
Maybe my personal Tek experiences might fit into this chat.
Being Berlin, Germany based I won a national engineering competition ("Jugend Forscht") in 1974. As a consequence I received a donation from a state research institute: a Tek 581A with an 80 and 82 plug in! It then had been in use for no more than 8 years. That was my then and lifelong treasure in my private lab! Of course I knew each detail of the circuit by heart. 5 years ago I even succeded to find (Russian) replacement parts for the Tunnel diodes and succesfully restored the full trigger capability.
In 1976 after finishing college I travelled the USA. I gave it a try and wrote to Tektronix Inc., Portland OR asking whether I might visit them. I received a very friendly answer - so in July 1976 I was met by an engineer having been dedicated to give me a full day personal tour through the factory and labs - I still remember the atmosphere until today. Being young (and naive) I dared to ask whether they might have some stuff to let to enhance my scope ... at farewell they presented me with: a 1A4 - a Type W - a 1A 7- and the necessary 81A adapter. They even apologized to not being allowed giving me a 1S1 - this high frequency device was then under export control and I would be going back to (West) Berlin. So I continued travelling with all that stuff in my suitcase wrapped in clothes - and it serves me well until today.
And just these days (after changing to a 547 acquired for 500 €) I sold my 581/82 plus the 80/P80 for a total of 450€ - it took quite some time to find another enthusiast (and capable engineer) on ebay.
And yes, shipping the stuff is a challenge.


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