Re: WTB: 3B4 plug in for RTTY


Hello Bruce,

I do have not 1 but 2 Tektronix 3B4 time bases that I would be willing to part with. 1 of them is functional as far as basic use goes. I am not a professional by any means, so I don't fully understand everything about all the features. But last time I used it, it does trigger very well and has a "NOS" 7119 tube for the amplifier according to the flea bay seller which I had to drop $100 for 1 of those tubes. (People are greedy when they see the Amperex logo....) The other one is a parts unit and is in better shape cosmetically that I have been holding onto for the working time base. I think I did throw some tubes in it and tried it out, and the sweep was all wonky, but it did seem to trigger if memory serves me right, been a few years since I have piddled with the time base. I am pretty sure that I have a hard copy of the manual as well.

If you are still interested, I could pull out that time base and check it to the best of my knowledge. Granted, they are not calibrated.


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