Re: WTB: 3B4 plug in for RTTY


Bruce & Mike

I may have a solution for you guys. I can have the scope and plug-ins picked up from Mike in VA and I will ship the 3B4 plug-in to Bruce for the cost of shipping.

Contact me off list if you want to go with it.


On 12/17/2020 5:59 AM, Mike Dinolfo wrote:

I have a 3B4 timebase.  Only problem is that I don't want to ship.  From
looking at the FCC call sign database, I think you are in NY state,
yes?  Do you ever get down to the Washington DC area?  If you do, you
are welcome to the 3B4.  The 3B4 comes with a rackmount 561A scope, and
a 3A74 quad vertical amplifier, and a 2A61 differential vertical
amplfier. It's all yours- scope and plugins- for free, provided that you
pick up everything.  All items are uncalibrated, but in good working
condition.  I do seem to remember that there's a non-Tek knob on one of
the 3A74 amplifier's controls, but it doesn't affect operation.

I live in Fairfax VA, about 5 miles outside of the Washington DC beltway.

Mike Dinolfo N4MWP

On 12/16/20 11:37 PM, greenboxmaven via wrote:
I am going to use the 561B rack mount scope I have restored in an RTTY
setup.  The time base I have does not offer an external horizontal
input. A 3B4 or perhaps 3T4 does have it. Does anyone have one to
spare? Thanks,

Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY

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