Re: OT!! Has anyone here shipped items from USA to Chile?? OT!!


FWIW I used to sell a lot of Ebay and I always sold world wide. The
biggest problem that I have encountered is that many countries have very
poor security in their postal systems so the buyers usually wanted their
items insured. But when they do, it requires that the item be shipped via
air mail, Global Priority Mail or other expensive methods. As long as all
of the customs forms and other documentation is filled out correctly,
everything seems to get to it's destination,,,,,eventually! Getting
through customs in some countries can take FOREVER! I once shipped some
items to a friend in Germany and the package took over 2 months to arrive.
When it did arrive, he found that the box had been opened at three widely
distant custom's offices in three different parts of the country with no
explanation of why. Also each time they opened the package, they turned it
over to a new side and cut a new hole in it! So when it arrived, three
sides had been cut open, the items removed and then replaced and the box
taped up again. I would have expected better (and faster) from a modern
first world country like Germany.

I don't think that I've shipped to Chile but I have shipped hundreds of
items all over the world, and knock on wood, I've never had a package lost
or stolen. Don't take shortcuts or try to scam the system, just fill out
the paperwork, including the value, *correctly*, and if the item is
expensive then insure it and send it via the postal classification that is
needed to provide proper security.

I have never used DHL, UPS or other freight companies for overseas
shipping. Their prices are just too high unless you are a HIGH volume
shipper and get a steep discount. Everything that I've shipped has been

I see no advantage of shipping via a freight forwarder. They're just
going to do the same thing that any shipper *should* be doing.

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Shipping from USA to Asia, South America or Mid East is fraught with
hazard and compliance issues. Some US products are prohibited to exports as
military or dual use.

Customs, haz mat laws, dishonest customs and government officials etc will
do everything to delay, stop entry or hold up till excessive fees are paid.

I have no special experience with Chile but have shipped electronic
equipment for 40 years.

suggest that the recipients use a freight forwarder with a US based office.

Alternative contact Fed Ex or DHL export division for a quote.


Depending on sizes weight value expected to pay for freight, document's
and delivery plus any customs tarrifs.

Freight cost can far exceeded shipment value.

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