Re: Tek 465 Fan only

Ross Hollinger

When I picked it up it had been sitting in an auto shop on a shelf right above the welding/grinding bench for several years. It was nasty. After removing all the controls, the goody bag, and the cover I spent seven hours over two days cleaning it. Surprisingly, the interior was almost clean enough to eat off of without doing anything. I tried blowing it out with canned air and got virtually nothing out of it. Even under the high-voltage cover it was clean with very little of the black dust one often sees. I wonder how many hours it really has on it. It's beautiful now and with the exception of a few aluminum oxide boogers on the bezel around the face it looks brand new. I went out and found a DMM in on of the moving boxes so I'm going to do some minor investigating tomorrow. Question for anyone: should I get a high-voltage DMM like the Fluke 27/FM? They're cheap enough and I'm thinking I will need one.


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