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Dave Casey

Tom -

The HV is all over on the display driver board that sits next to the CRT.
The board on top is the processor board (or an option board if so
equipped). Tek is very good about warning you where the HV may be
encountered and shielding accordingly. You can also refer to the service
manual disassembly procedures which are also very good about advising when
precautions are necessary.

Dave Casey

On Fri, Dec 11, 2020 at 1:51 PM Thomas Dodge <> wrote:

Hi all,
I have a question. I have written before about the scopes that I have. I
have a TDS684A, which is my best one. The issue that it has is this. I
bought it from a surplus place, and it had been there for quite a while,
but I always wanted to pick it up. When I bought it and took it home, and
powered it on, the panel lights came on initially, but that's all. I turned
it off and on again a few times, and finally the relays started to
initialize, and it ran the self test, and it was fine. I turned it off and
on again, and it was fine. I turned it on recently, and the panel lights
came on, but no display at all. I connected an external monitor from the
rear connector, but no signal. I looked at the troubleshooting flowchart in
one of the manuals for the 684A, and it is very helpful. II know the scopes
carry a significant anode voltage, so I am very aware of that. I live in
Glendora, Calif. and just wanted to know if there is someone in my area,
who has a lot of experience repairing these scopes? I want to do it myself,
but I would want to work with someone who has Tektronix experience to show
me the ropes. I really want to get experience working on these. But one
question I do have. With the scope cover removed, is there any high voltage
present on the board on top? I appreciate any input any one of you might
have. My 684A is in really good condition. Thanks very much.

Tom Dodge

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