Re: Looking for parts for 212 portable scope.

Greg Muir

There is frequently a radical difference between “contact cleaners” and cleaner/lubes for potentiometers. And in this case it appears that this product would primarily be found in automotive shops used by mechanics or other mechanically-oriented businesses who simply need to clean the oil. dirt and debris out of switches and such. The name “Overhaul Cleaner” definitely alludes to this type of application.

I have had little success informing others regarding use of only those products that are specifically targeted towards sensitive electronics rather than off-the-shelf cleaners utilized for a myriad of other purposes. I keep my harsh mechanical-oriented cleaner in the garage, the true electronic cleaners and lubes in the lab. If the item does not specifically state for use on things like potentiometers, it goes to the garage where it belongs.

Remember – generic contact cleaners are safe on contacts which are normally made of metal and cannot be damaged without some effort (except for elastomeric types which should NEVER be exposed to cleaners and lubricants). Therefore they can contain some very nasty ingredients with no effect except if the contacts are housed in materials that may be sensitive to aggressive chemicals.

It pays to be safe or pay the penalty.


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