Re: 1S1 sampling bridge GaAs diodes: What alternatives?

Tom Lee

It is definitely a very good small-signal Schottky, which accounts for its enduring popularity. It's my go-to through-hole diode below ~1GHz, and I'm not suprised it works well in the memory subcircuit. What I do not know is how well it would work in the sampling bridge, whose requirements are more stringent. The 1N5711 seems marginal -- not obviously unsuitable, but not obviously a win, either. I would love to have someone try it and report back.

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On 12/10/2020 21:50, snapdiode via wrote:
I love the 1N5711. I've replaced several of the GaAs diodes in the 1S1 memory circuit with 1N5711s and it works fine.

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