Re: 1S1 sampling bridge GaAs diodes: What alternatives?

Jim Ford

Although discontinued by Avago/Broadcom, I'm sure. That's the way it goes these days. They discontinued me and a whole lot of others as well, as some of you are probably tired of hearing me say!

The HSMS-28XX and other former HP Semiconductor devices just don't have the volume they once had, and the suits at Avago/Broadcom don't like that, nor do their investors.

Jim Ford

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I have not actually fixed one this way, but I would expect an HSMS-28xx Schottky to be a perfect replacement here. These are readily available.


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Dear all, my 1S1 gave up. It looks at least one of my sampling diodes has died. Searching through the related messages I noticed most comments are pretty old, so I hope some new ideas might have been launched on getting alternatives for the original GaAs diodes, just assuming these are completely unobtainable.
Looked at the Agilent/KeySight site, they mention some ultra fast GHz diodes there but these go through a distributor and I suspect ut won't be easy to get 4 of these at reasonable cost (not knowing they would work either)
Any tips, suggestions?

Thanks so much, Leonard

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