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Stephen Hanselman


Thanks, well explained. I agree on the single stage, it’s not hard to shoot, this was my first large scale project a TR6. I did discover that temperature was a big deal, don’t spray below 70degF.


Stephen Hanselman
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On Dec 9, 2020, at 05:38, Keith <> wrote:

Hi guys,
I lurk here a lot and seldom post. Seeing this chatter reminded me of my responsibility to contribute in my areas of expertise.

Probably most every guy on this forum has fixed more tech scopes than I have (I only have four scopes and a curve tracer at the moment.) But I’m willing to bet that I’ve shot more lacquer over the past thirty years than any five of you guys combined, 🙂 a couple of thoughts here that may help.

First, you really are making this way too hard. Lacquer is still about as common as dirt, and not a problem to ship. You just have to know where to look and how to ask for it. If you want to buy online, try TCP Global. Heck, they even show TEK Blue under their standard “appliance finishes”. You can get it by the quart in everything from lacquer to acrylic enamel to urethane single stage to urethane base coat clear combos...In other words any finish type you ever would really want to try using! 🙂 I admit that $149-179 a quart is a little pricey, but hey it’s for our HOBBY, right? 😂 ...and you can paint quite a few scope covers with a quart of lacquer.

Second - You have a good formula someone else posted here. Take that to any decent local automotive paint store and they can generally mix what you want.

Third - if the local paint shop can’t figure out or mix the original Tek formula, first take a little rubbing compound to that extra Tek scope cover to shed the oxidation, and then take it to a paint shop with a scanner. (They too are about as common as dirt.) Have them shoot five samples and average them. You will get really close and really it will be fine...because you are going to paint the whole cover, right?

Fourth - again, I love lacquer and I have shot it a lot - but IF I were choosing to go this route, I believe I would skip the lacquer fuss and just use a single stage urethane. It is just so much more durable and not that fussy.

Fifth - if shooting your own is just too hard, fine. Get the paint and take it to a local auto body shop friend. Do your own removal of the original Tek paint. Bring a clean, ready to shoot piece and your own paint and have him shoot it. Not rocket science here...and WAY easier than repairing the broken A5 board on a 2465b, for example 🤓

Sixth, and just from my eyeballs looking at my various Tek scope covers, I believe I would drop a little flatting agent in there as well. Maybe 15-20%? Without flatting agent, these finishes are going to be way too glossy.

Seventh and finally - there is no such thing as “oil based lacquer”. That’s enamel. No oil in lacquer, or you will be really really sorry when you spray it.

Just some thoughts on the ongoing saga of worrying about keeping our blue scopes blue.

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