Re: Yet another use for a curve tracer

Sean Turner


This is most definitely true. I got me a very nice 577D1 on the same trip I picked up my 519 on, and suffice to say, I am discovering something new it can do every day. Now to collect all the handy test fixtures Tek made...


On Tue, Dec 8, 2020 at 10:53 AM, Dennis Tillman W7pF wrote:

Hi Ed,
Curve tracers are very versatile instruments and the only real limitation they
have is the person at the controls.
Nearly everyone I know who owns a curve tracer thinks they are only good for
checking transistors.

What you did was think outside the box, and as you said in the subject, you
found another use for a curve tracer.
I hadn't thought of using it to test lamp dimmers myself so I learned
something new.
But I have used it to test capacitors, inductors, transformers, pots, SCRs,
TRIACs, DIACs, MOVs, OpAmps, Voltage Regulators ICs, Spectrum Tubes, light
bulbs, etc.
Anything with two or three leads is fair game for a curve tracer.

Anyone who owns a curve tracer is extremely fortunate. You can learn a great
deal about how electronic parts of all kinds respond when you connect them to
a curve tracer.

Thanks for sharing your clever idea.

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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