Re: Historical Analog Scope Triggering Techniques


I use several vendors equipment so thought I would throw this out as an option. Some of you may be familiar with the HP 166xAS family of LAs. This is an interesting portable 32, 64, 102 or 136 channel LA with a integrated 2 channel 1Gsps scope. It has a lot of the 16500c series features, such as inverse assemblers. The LA function can trigger the scope or the scope can trigger the LA function. If you are looking for a standalone/bench integrated LA/Scope, especially one that can cross trigger, this might be the answer. They can usually be found on ebay at a reasonable price The 1661CS is the color version but they are usually quite expensive.

Back in the 80's when I used to write service manuals, I purchased a fully decked out Tek color DAS 9100. I hated giving it up but dev engineering eventually got jealous and took it away. As I remember, I could trigger a scope off that as well.


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