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Stephen Hanselman

Off topic but can you please PM me the name of that company? I have 2 3/4 full R-12 and one 1/2 full R-22 I would like to recycle.


Kc4sw at kc4sw dot com


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FedEx Ground will handle hazardous materials. I just shipped a cylinder of Freon 12 to a company which destroys it. (one pound of R12 is equivalent to 5 tons of CO2 if it escapes to the atmosphere.) The company buys it and goes through the regulatory hoops to get it destroyed. They get the Carbon offset credit for their effort and costs. They arranged the shipment and supplied a shipping container, complete with HAZMAT labels and FedEx prepaid label. The tracking number had lots of digits (21, I think). I'm sure it cost a fortune to ship. I took it to the only FedEx location in my area (Allentown, PA) which would take it - off by the airport in a huge building, not normally used by retail customers. The shipment went like a charm once I found the building.

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