Re: FS: Tek P6102 probe [Actually P6012]

Jim Ford

Hi, Oz.

Well, I looked up the P6102 (on my wishlist) on eBay yesterday and found two P6102As and four P6106As (also on my wishlist) for $75! So thanks for getting it wrong, and good luck selling your P6012! :)

Jim Ford

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Håkan observed:

Your pic says P6012 so I guess that's what it is .....
D'oh! I must be lysdexic. It is! TekWiki says: The Tektronix P6012 is a passive 10× probe with 33 MHz bandwidth. It comes with 3.5", 6" or 9" cable and a BNC connector.

Oz (in DFW) N1OZ

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