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Jim Ford

Hi, Gordon.

Welcome to TekScopes! Say, did you know Tony Ma at General Atomics? PM me at jfordATieeeDOTorg.

Jim Ford

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Hi All,
Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Gordon Smith, a technology enthusiast down here in San Diego, CA. Was recently given a Tek 502 Dual Beam Oscope and in researching it found your group. A Tek 547 with cart and three plug ins was also adopted (yes, it's got the dreaded HV transformer issue). Other than being dragged willingly into the vintage Tek Oscope cult, I enjoy Vintage technology like ham radio stuff (want to the learn Morse code. Have way too many radios), Test equipment (I have some wonderful Non-Linear systems edge lit voltmeters) and have wayyyyy too much....errr...."Stuff" in the garage. I'm a mechanical engineer by trade doing mainly R&D over many fields and was forced by circumstance to learn a lot of electrical and some electronics. Currently employed by General Atomics. Thank you for allowing the introduction and stay safe out there. Gordon

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