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In the USA, you can check with Fastenall stores. Many of them do accept frieght for movement from one of their stores to another. They sell many aerosol products, including paint, so carrying a few cans of paint should not be an issue. I have not had any problem ordering aerosols and liquid products in the last few months, or lithium batteries, as long as they were labeled and shipped by ground.

Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY.

On 12/8/20 12:28, Dave Casey wrote:
On a pallet in the back of an 18-wheeler either belonging to the
distribution company itself or a contracted freight carrier.

Dave Casey

On Tue, Dec 8, 2020 at 11:26 AM Colin Herbert via <colingherbert=> wrote:

One wonders how any of this stuff gets to retail outlets, presumably by
the manufacturing company itself?

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Hi there Nothing to do with the Virus, the regs are worse ever year as
prices rise on shipping anything.

All common carriers Post/Fed/UP have tightened restrictions in recent
years, eg Li batts, Haz mat, chemicals, and Aerosol.

Blame the liability lawyers.

Suggest to take the numbers on the can, check with a Pan-tone book, and
get a custom (NON aerosol) mix at a good paint store.

Of course, it must be an oil based lacquer, so many jurisdictions (EG all
of Claif) will prohibit due to VOC.

Will they ever just let us be to do our work?


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