576 Curve Tracer


This is near Madison Wisconsin. I have no connection to the seller or curve tracer.

Tektronix Type 576 Curve Tracer - $800 (Verona)

This vintage curve tracer has been in storage for many years. We are trying to find a good home for it. After cleaning it out inside and out, the unit powered up nicely. We haven't run many tests on it other than the basic display and power supply, but it seems perfectly functional. It is listed as fair right now, but that could change if we get more opportunity to test it. We really don't want to ship this heavy beast, so hopefully we can find a buyer in Wisconsin!
If you are unfamiliar with the 576, it is capable of testing transistors or similar devices with up to 1500 Volts and, at lower voltages, up to 10 Amps continuous. See the attached pictures. Let us know if there is a specific test you would like to see verified.


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