Re: Calibrating a PG506 w/o Sampling System

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

I use SD24's... primarily because they have a TDR source built into
them.... and TDR is way cool! But the cheaper SD26's would also be fine.

Don't forget your SMA attenuators! The SD's have a limited safe range
of input voltages.... +/-3V is it. Their maximum input voltage for
measurement is +/-1V.

Static electricity will finish off an SD so quick you won't even know
it happened. Use a wrist strap.

The "C" model is the pinnacle of the species. I wouldn't waste my time
on the plain, "A", or "B"... though you might because the prices are much
cheaper.. as are the CSA models... though with them you lose half the
plugin slots, as they are reserved for level shifters, and fiber optic

-Chuck Harris

Rick wrote:

Chuck, the Tek 11801C is intriguing. What sampling head do you use or should be used for the PG506?


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