Re: SUCCESS! The "sick" 475A is now the "fixed" 475A!


Tom, Raymond, Harvey, and John,

This is an absolutely amazing wealth of information. I've already copied it into a notebook page, and will be going through it carefully over the next week (and trying to cross reference it to the 475A calibration process). This sort of information needs to be collected in one place and presented as a coherent alternative to the Tek-specified process (and, yes, I'm volunteering to do that).

Thanks for all this wonderful commentary and information. It almost sounds like I rolling my own calibration fixtures isn't nearly as challenging as I had feared it would be (probably much less challenging than buying the vintage equipment and restoring it to correct working order).

I've got a significantly-more-than-ten-dollar pulse generator ( but I'm kind of excited to build the rest of the kit (I really need to get my feet wet with transistors, and I just finished reading about ECL for exactly this kind of project).

-- Jeff Dutky

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