Re: Anyone need 561 parts?

Bruce Atwood

I'm rewinding the HV XFMR in my 561 but would not mind a backup plan. How is the T600 in yours? As an aside, does yours have a 4.3 Ohm resister in series with the 1 turn secondary for the filament of the HV rectifier? Every schematic I see has one but there is no trace of it in my 561.

Fully OT: My 561 is almost all that is left of ITI Electronics (I also have their GR impedance bridge, a real marvel). ITI did TVs for bars and hotels in the late '40 and '50. My dad, Horace, W2SXW, was founder and president. One of the few small firms founded in the 40s that made it to the 80s. Dad told me of the IRE show where Tektronix showed of their first calibrated sweep, triggered sweep, calibrated gain scope where the assembled engineers all agreed it was a marvel but wondered who the hell would pay $ks for a 'scope. He was designing 'scopes for Allen B DuMont the time, later doing TVs for him.


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