Re: SUCCESS! The "sick" 475A is now the "fixed" 475A!


demianm_1 wrote:

for a scope a time mark generator and a leveled signal generator would cover most tasks
Yes, it's the leveled signal generator that seems like the most challenging thing to roll my own. I've read that the time mark generator can be substituted with a fast pulse generator (which I have) though I don't claim to understand how the time mark generator is used or how the pulse generator could stand in for it. At some point I will sit down, read the entire calibration process, and read the manuals for the relevant calibration equipment, just so I can make a somewhat more informed decision about this.

You can get a full set of 500 series plugins for calibrating a 475 on eBay for about $500, though there's no guarantee that they are complete or completely functional. I could pay for calibration for a couple scopes with that same money. I suppose I could buy the calibration equipment, do any repairs that appear necessary, and then pay to have THEM calibrated, and then I'd be set to do my own calibrations. I feel, however, that that would only be worthwhile if I were going to be doing this as something other than a hobby.

-- Jeff Dutky

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