Re: SUCCESS! The "sick" 475A is now the "fixed" 475A!


My experience with cal labs has not been encouraging. Mostly they want to run instruments through the automated cal procedure. Anything else will be expensive (labor). And its really whether the instrument is within tolerance (go/nogo). Its not adjusted to perfect. If adjustment/repairs are needed the rate can be astonishing and keep in mind on these older instruments the repairs are not 10 minute fuse replacements. They are usually really difficult things to figure out.

However for a scope a time mark generator and a leveled signal generator would cover most tasks. CRTs are not .1% instruments so no need to get that involved. I picked up a Ballantine 6130 time mark generator and a Tek 191 leveled generator (to 100 MHz) pretty reasonably. With those you could say "performance verified" instead of "calibrated".

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