Re: CRT static charge



You might also be noticing it now because of a change in humidity. Higher humidity air is better at bleeding off the static charge from the face of the tube than low humidity air, so you are more likely that get that crackling noise in the winter than in the summer.

This is an effect that was very well known in the days of CRT TVs, and I remember it as one of the distinctive auditory experiences of using TVs back then (that and the sound of the flyback transformer). I just tried one of my Tek scopes, and I didn't get any crackling on power up, nor do I feel any static field holding the back of my hand near the tube face, but it may not be very dry yet here in Maryland, and the implosion shield may block some of the static field that I would otherwise be able to detect by hairs standing up on the back of my hand.

-- Jeff Dutky

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