Re: I give up.


I have had a very strange situation, not the fault of PayPal, but people should be aware when using a Business Debit or Credit card for any purchase. I recently had a charge on my business card from an online backup company. They had my card on file, for Automatic renewal. I did not want to renew, and did not give them my “new” expiration. Thinking this would prevent them from charging me. Regardless, they ran the charge through by “guessing” my expiration date (wrong) and, even though they got the expiration wrong, the charge went through. I had to fight with the company for a refund. I found out that this is a quirk in Arkansas law that allows a business credit or debit card to be charged, as long as they have the card # correct, even when they provide the “wrong” expiration. This may be isolated to Arkansas, but needless to say, I no longer store or save my business card online with any company, including PayPal.

Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, AR

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