Re: I give up.


I’ve been fortunate (so far) with PayPal. They even refunded a purchase
amount even before I asked for it. It was a mistake on the part of the
seller - apparently he did something that resulted in him getting paid
twice. PayPal must have noticed and investigated because they refunded one
of the payments (identical amounts). I contacted the seller and he said it
was a mistake (I believed him - he has a solid feedback record and
delivered my item well-packed and on-time) and though he didn’t angrily
blame eBay, he did say that he thought it was something to do with what
seemed to be a time delay in eBay responding to him, so he clicked the
payment button again.

I actually have a similar situation cooking now. We’ll see how PayPal
responds. A Web site I purchased a journal article from ended the
transaction because my “response took more than 30 minutes”. My time to
send the payment from PayPal was about 30 seconds. The payment went
through, but I needed the article for a lecture I was preparing, so I just
logged in again and bought it with a credit card. PayPal sent me the usual
notice of payment, so the publisher got paid twice. My next step is to
contact them about it.

Steve H.

On Mon, Dec 7, 2020 at 12:15 Tom Gardner <> wrote:

Regrettably it isn't that simple; the banking and e-money laws are a mess
almost all people have zero chance of understanding them and their

Today's report is...

Some PayPal customers have found it difficult to get reimbursed when
they’ve run
into problems – particularly victims of fraud.
Here, we look at how PayPal is failing to protect and reimburse victims of
fraud, and what it can do about it.
(Which? used to be far more sensibly named "Consumer Association". It is
generally respected in the UK)

On 07/12/20 14:19, cheater cheater wrote:
Yeah no, asking me if I can deny "major data thefts" happen "almost
and then transferring that to whether you'll lose money on PayPal is just
high level crackpottery, and if you think this is a valid way of looking
the world, then you should have a long hard look in the mirror. It
matter how long you've been "doing computers", obviously you're not in
way capable of talking about computer security. Some sort of nebulous
"potential problems" with nebulous "companies involved in e-commerce" are
just paranoid thoughts, you can't even answer such a question with a yes
no, you've constructed it to give yourself worry.

On Fri, Dec 4, 2020 at 6:16 PM - <> wrote:

Maybe you haven't been reading the messages but Dennis has already
paid and that's all taken care of. But I have to admit that I hadn't
considered a wire transfer INTO PayPal. I've never heard of that being
and there's nothing about it on their website and I don't even know if
possible. I don't think that it is but perhaps.

I was talking about the potential problems of PayPal and other
companies involved in E-commerce. And you can't deny that those are
All you have to do is to read any newspaper or watch any TV news to know
that major data thefts are happening almost daily. And your 20 years is
nothing, that was when Windows 98 was still new. I beta tested Windows
1.1! I started programming in 1969 in APL on an IBM 1130 and had been
tinkering with computer hardware for two years before that. I was the
person that installed *the* first computers for the Gallup poll in New
Jersey (another IBM 1130 with added core memory) , Virginia Military
Institute and Washington and Lee university and a host of others back in
the mid-1970s.

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