FS: Tek P6102 probe


FS: Tek P6102 probe. New old stock in original sealed bag. $25 + actual shipping. Paypal OK.

Hi Res pics are here: https://ozindfw.net/Tek_P6102/ I'm afraid they are not great because it's in a heat sealed bag and I had no luck adjusting lighting.

I didn't find anything useful on this model on TekWiki.

Tek's "Discontinued Probes Guide" has an entry for the P6102A (what I'm offering is **not** an A, Just a P6102) It says: Type Opt.: P6102A, Cable Length Meter: 2, Cable Length Feet: 6.6, Atten: 10, B/W at -3 dB (MHz): 60, Input Impedance Resist (MO): 10, Input Impedance Cap (pF): 13, Max V (DC + pk AC): 500, Comp Range Min (pF): 15, Comp Range Max (pF): 35, R/O: Yes, ID: Yes, Tip/Head Style: 5 mm (Min.)

Buyer pays actual shipping. I will (of course) provide tracking info.

I will ship internationally as long as you cover all costs/fees/taxes/duties/mordida/soborno and accept international mailing risk.

Oz (in DFW) N1OZ

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